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The Best Will in the World

Salve Will's battered ego here!

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Once upon a time there was a very cool physics and philosophy tutor. He lived in a big golden tower in the centre of the city of Oxford and dispensed much wisdom to young, wide-eyed undergraduates (to say nothing of alcohol and twiglets to his friends). Thus his fame spread and many supplicants flocked to the gleaming spires of Balliol, drawn by his flowing ebony locks and bright sapphire eyes and thus it came to pass that a fan club was formed by his adoring followers. And lo was the physics and philosophy tutor almost overwhelmingly smug about it but we loved him so we didn't mind.

There was another man who was not possessed of flowing ebony locks, nor bright sapphire eyes, nor did he dispense great wisdom on the subjects of physics and philosophy. Indeed, he was unable to regulate his consumption of chocolate cake, and oft claimed that certain varities of wine tasted like parma ham. Thus it came to pass that a fanclub was most certainly not formed. But it seemed that this man envied the good fortune of the physics and philosophy tutor and showed an inclination to sit in the pub sulking and pouting and complaining that nobody loved him.

But it seems that, in spite of the chocolate cake and the parma ham and despite the lack of ebony tresses and sapphire eyes, there are those who do indeed love Will. And one of them founded this. To stop him whining.
chocolate cake, cigars, flirting badly with waitresses, headhunting, leonard cohen, living in london, port, sucking at risk godstorm, tickling girls