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Rabble Rousing 
02:05pm 07/03/2006
mood: predatory
Brethen, we must spread the word and generally try harder.

David's fanclub consists of a mighty 13 wide-eyed undergraduates.

Willl's fanclub consists of some of his mates taking the piss in verse.

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Odes to Will in Limerick Form 
01:04pm 01/03/2006
mood: accomplished
Poetic Will Lovers - please contribute. Or un-poetic Will Lovers just for laughs.

There is was a headhunter called Will
Whose relationships add up to nil
But it’s no big deal
‘Cos I can reveal
It’s not through his lack of skill.

Ladies in search of a thrill
Could think about dating our Will
When it’s going quite all right
He’ll take random fright
And from there it’ll plummet downhill.
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Welcome to The Best Will in the World! 
05:15pm 28/02/2006
mood: lonely
Hello ... is ... there ... anybody out there?
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